Programmes Available:

Short Team Sessions

Please remember all these programmes can be tailored to specific needs taking different content from programmes to match the desired outcomes for your people and your business.

Working as a Team

This course will provide participants with ways of working which promotes effective teamwork and working towards common goals. The session will focus on what does it take to be an effective team member and how best to participate in a highly effective team. To help people understand their own motivating values and those of others and the contribution we all make to achieve the end goal. To help team members to work across teams and departments and the business to promote well-being and effectiveness.

The programme will cover; what do I do and how does it affect others in my organisation and our customers along with what makes an effective team and an effective team member?

Group exercises will be used to demonstrate the key attributes of the team members and their behaviours and help develop an understanding all of our motivating values along with providing proactive and supportive help.

Mental Toughness

Get more done with less resources and cope with all the pressure and still feel motivated and good about yourself.
‘What all in the same day?’
‘Well yes!!!’
‘Learn how to do take and be in control of what you do and how you do it’
‘Surely you can make time for that?’

Learn techniques from the sporting world and apply them to the work environment to help improve:
Self -Motivation and Drive Self
Keeping a focus
Achieving results
Calmness under pressure
Creative approach to business