Programmes Available:

Self Development

Please remember all these programmes can be tailored to specific needs taking different content from programmes to match the desired outcomes for your people and your business.

Building Self Awareness and Motivation

This programme will provide the participants with the fundamental skills and confidence to effectively engage with their team members to increased levels of self-awareness and self- motivation, and lead their team members to produce personal and corporate objectives in times of change. To ensure the participants fully understand their role and responsibilities as a leader in getting the best out of their team members in times of change. To create a wealth of creative people skills which will enable the managers to motivate and develop groups and individuals and unlock the potential within the organisation.

The Art of Reflection

Turn your phone off and other devices
Go to an environment that makes you think differently and you enjoy
Brain dump all your stuff to do in your work book and prioritise it
Get a blank page from your work book and consider 5 of these questions
What’s gone well this year and why?
What have I learnt about myself this year?
Why do I spend too much time worrying about what I cannot influence or control?
If I put my mind to it what could I influence and control more?
Do I spend enough time enjoying what I have got?
Do I make the effort to reframe negative situations into positive ones?
What I am I good at and do I really know my strengths
What makes me happy?
How do I maximise my potential
Do I create the right impact on people around me?
What’s next in things that I want to do and achieve?

It is Tough out there, (You Don’t Say!!!)
I have a plan:
I am
Self - motivated
Able to think differently
Working hard to make it happen
Focused on what I can control
Now go and proceed in a calm and orderly manner
and above all enjoy and have fun.

If you would like any ideas on how you people could benefit from taking time to reflect please let us know