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Management to Leadership

Course Aims

To provide the participants with the fundamental skills and confidence to effectively manage themselves and lead their team members to produce personal and corporate objectives in times of change. To ensure the participants fully understand their role and responsibilities as a leader (and not just a manager) of others and how to get the best out of themselves and others in times of change. To create a wealth of creative people skills which will enable the managers to motivate and develop groups and individuals and unlock the potential within the organisation.

Course Objectives


The agenda will include the following areas:

Course Overview

This course will provide managers with the skills and knowledge to effectively use leadership tools in the development and continuous improvement of their team‘s performance. The course sets out to demonstrate the importance of their roles and what is required as a leader of others in a very demanding and competitive industry. Time will specifically be spent looking at how the participants deal with every day work issues and how they develop their own style of leadership.

This programme will focus on people skills and how managers can unlock the potential of their people in the working environment to develop and achieve more. The use of continual feedback will be an important theme to help develop team members as a leadership tool and the benefits it will bring both the manager and the team member in improving performance and identifying development opportunities for individuals and the business.

Throughout the course the key learning points will be based around the ability the participants have in applying the right leadership styles for different situations. Unlocking their potential and the potential of others is also an important theme in your organisation and we will continually cover what people are doing and can do to help achieve this. Also the course will focus on the need for people to develop their self-awareness and the impact they have.


The course will be very interactive to ensure the participants can practice some of the techniques and be more effective as a leader in achieving team and corporate objectives. Case studies, questionnaires, experimental learning exercises and discussion will be used. The participants will also be given a pre-course questionnaire to be completed to help them to start thinking about some of the topics that will be covered.



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