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Mental Toughness

Get more done with less resources and cope with all the pressure and still feel motivated and good about yourself.

‘What all in the same day?’

‘Well yes!!!’

‘Learn how to do take and be in control of what you do and how you do it’
‘Surely you can make time for that?’


Learn techniques from the sporting world and apply them to the work environment to help improve:

Self Motivation and Drive Self
Keeping a Focus
Achieving Results
Calmness under Pressure
Creative Approach to Business

The aim of the programme

The aim of the programme is to provide the participants with new innovative ways of developing and managing their personal effectiveness and performance in the working environment. The programme looks at new ways to improve confidence, motivation, dealing with pressure, focusing and improving on areas that are important. The programme deals with sensitive issues in a challenging but supportive manner.

Programme Objectives

By the end of this training programme you will be able to:

Identify the key concepts of mental toughness
Keep your concentration and calmness under pressure
Focus on what is important and not get side tracked
Develop your self esteem and confidence
Further develop personal strengths and skills in dealing with challenging situations.
Build levels of self motivation and personal drive
Develop a creative approach to business


What is mental toughness?
How it can benefit everyone
Dealing with pressure
Creating the right mind set
Keeping the focus on the right things
Controlling the controllables
Overcoming difficult situations and dealing with different types of people
How to build our self worth and self esteem
Developing self belief and self confidence to aid performance
Perfectionist tendencies v celebrating success
Developing your self and coming out of your comfort zone
Developing high levels of self motivation
Push towards and away from motivation – your natural styles
Developing self motivation to improve how we feel and perform
Creativity to inspire innovation
Having the ability to get things done
Personal goal setting that works

Programme Methodology
Mental toughness is renowned in the sporting world to enable high performance athletes to perform under pressure and keep a cool head in times of need. This programme brings the elements into the every day working world to enable people to be more effective, enjoy their work more and develop higher amounts of self esteem, confidence and self motivation. This course will be highly interactive with the participants demonstrating the skills and techniques needed to be more mentally tough in their demanding organisations and markets.

Pre Course Questionnaire


Please have a reed through the Mental Toughness programme outline and consider the following questions


1,         Please describe your current job role?




2,         How would describe your current style and approach to difficult situations?
            i.e. Assertive, aggressive, passive, frustrated, out of control.




3,         How would you like to be-able to deal with these situations?




4,         What is important to you in terms of your motivation values?




5,         What personal or professional goals would you like to achieve?




6,         What is stopping you from achieving them?