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Coaching Skills Course


Course Aims

To provide the participants with the skills and confidence to coach team members in a non directive but highly effective manner. Coaching is a very valuable tool which encourages people to build self awareness and take personal responsibility for their own actions which helps develop and improve performance. This programme will demonstrate the importance of a coaching management style that is participative, saves time and enables the coachee to develop, self esteem, confidence and more self motivation. This programme is a very practical event giving the participants the opportunity to develop and practice new coaching skills.

Course Objectives

By the end of this session the participants will be able to:

Review our own coaching and learning styles
Identify potential and ability in others
Develop ideas on how are we going to achieve this?
Assess changes in behaviour and provide feedback
Assess levels of self motivation and support
Develop peoples self awareness of their behaviour and skills
Demonstrate how to empower personal responsibility
Develop and use the coaching Grow model
Action Plan and review


Overview and objectives
Coaching Effectiveness Profile
Learning Styles on an individual basis
Developing a learning culture/ experience
What do we want them to demonstrate?
Magical questions
Performance potential matrix
In terms of support what do we need to do to help the achieve this
How do we assess the changes in their behaviour and provide feedback
Levels of self Esteem, Confidence and self motivation
Awareness and Responsibility
Developing levels of self awareness in our people
The Johari window
The STOP approach
Who Owns the problem
Developing the GROW model
Putting it all into practice
Course review and Action plans