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Programme of the Month - March 2013

Providing Positive Solutions to the Business
1 Day Programme

The Purpose of the Programme:
The purpose of this programme is to further develop individuals and teams in making a greater impact on the success of your organisation in a very competitive market.
This programme will develop a greater individual and team awareness and understanding of what the business needs, and ways of making  proactive solutions in a confident manner, plus how to communicate effectively to make the best possible impact with those that we deal with internally or externally.

What do we offer in terms of our style of communication and what does the business need
What does the business require from the way we work and communicate?
Where are our strengths as a team and what do we need to develop?
How do we want to be perceived as individuals and as a team?
Our styles of communication in the business world.
The personal touch to build rapport and understanding.

Providing positive, confident and proactive solutions
Developing a confident and reliable approach.
Providing positive and proactive solutions to the needs of the business and our end customers.
Developing a confident manner.
Email v telephone v face to face.
Developing excellent team work

Communication to make the right impact
Structure of our communication.
Facilitating conversations to solutions and agreement.
Demonstrating our expert knowledge effectively.
Body language and assertiveness communication.

Next Steps:
Action points.
Setting personal communication goals to be linked into our Appraisals.