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Managing our Customer Relationships with Confidence

The aim of this course

Is to give the participants the skills and confidence to effectively deal with all of their customer needs in a manner that will promote the profile of the company and increase sales and customer satisfaction. The course will provide techniques to deal with potential difficult and demanding customers and situations whilst promoting the organisation in a positive way to its potential customers and clients.

Course objectives

By the end of this course the participants will be able to:

Identify and demonstrate excellent customer services.
What do we offer and how do we want to be perceived.
Identify your brand  ‘Product to Customer service’.
Demonstrate effective communication skills to aid a quality service.
Provide ongoing, mutually beneficial customer relationships.
Deal with difficult situations confidently and effectively.
Contribute effectively as a team member to serve customers well.


1. Creating a professional image.
2. Dealing with our customers with confidence.
3. What do we offer!!
4. How do we want to be perceived?
5. Your Brand ‘Product to Customer service’.
6. Proactive approach to dealing with all of our customers.
7. Effective communication – Behaviour Styles.
8. HELP !!!! as communication tool.
9. Choosing our response.
10. Behavioural styles.
11. Assertive Behaviour.
12. Questioning, Listening, Understanding, Body Language.
13. Providing our customers with no unexpected surprises.
14. Establishing interest, desires and needs.
15. Needs features and benefits which ones are best for the customer.
16. Gaining agreement to our next actions and improving sales.
17. Over coming objections before they happen.
18. Handle different moods and attitudes of the customers we talk to.
19. Action plans.

Course Methodology

This is a very interactive course providing the participants with the opportunity to learn and try out their new skills. Case studies will be used along with participative exercises to maximize individual and group learning. The course is pitched for the purpose of people who need to build confidence and assertive behaviours in dealing with customers.


Providing Positive Solutions to the Business

The purpose of this programme is to further develop individuals and teams in making a greater impact on the success of your organisation in a very competitive market.
This programme will develop a greater individual and team awareness and understanding of what the business needs, and ways of making  proactive solutions in a confident manner, plus how to communicate effectively to make the best possible impact with those that we deal with internally or externally.


What do we offer in terms of our style of communication and what does the business need
What does the business require from the way we work and communicate?
Where are our strengths as a team and what do we need to develop?
How do we want to be perceived as individuals and as a team?
Our styles of communication in the business world.
The personal touch to build rapport and understanding.

Providing positive, confident and proactive solutions
Developing a confident and reliable approach.
Providing positive and proactive solutions to the needs of the business and our end customers.
Developing a confident manner.
Email v telephone v face to face.
Developing excellent team work.

Communication to make the right impact
Structure of our communication.
Facilitating conversations to solutions and agreement.
Demonstrating  our expert knowledge effectively.
Body language and assertiveness communication.

Next steps
Action points.
Setting personal communication goals to be linked into our appraisals.