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Get The Best Out Of Your Team By Making Dull Appraisals Inspirational And Motivational

The aim of this course is to provide all managers with the skills and confidence to conduct worthwhile and meaningful appraisals for all employees by injecting some challenging questions into the appraisal mix. The result will be a fun training session that will inspire managers and their team members to stretch themselves and perform to the best of their abilities – and a little bit more!

The course will demonstrate how to turn the annual appraisal ritual into an essential management tool

The programme will challenge managers to think about:

  1. If their team members are fit and strong enough to support the business?
  2. Why do professional sports people review their performance and behaviours and we don’t?
  3. Succession planning - what would you do if your best person left?
  4. Who does your team represent? Are they true value for money?
  5. If it were your money would you employ your team?
  6. Is now the chance to finally delegate and let go of tasks that you have been holding onto?
  7. Would you want to work for you – your chance to get some feedback
  8. Four things you need to know -What does your team members think of you, the business, their career, and their job?
  9. What does really motivate your people? Especially when they appear to have little ambition.
  10. Make their appraisal their responsibility
  11. How do you help good performers to keep performing well?
  12. Why are you tolerating poor performers? What’s your plan


This programme will challenge managers to really take responsibility to get the best out of themselves and their team members and how they can lead their team to great results and how to keep their team performing.

Course Objectives - By the end of this training programme you will be able to:

  1. Answer all of the above questions positively
  2. Identify the key areas in planning and appraisal and on going feedback
  3. Demonstrate the need to appraise all year round and not make it a yearly ritual
  4. Enable your people to take responsibility for their own appraisal
  5. Identify the structure for running appraisal interviews
  6. Demonstrate effective questioning and listening skills
  7. Demonstrate effective feedback techniques – giving and receiving
  8. Write objectives that are meaningful and effective
  9. Demonstrate the skills in dealing with difficult situations
  10. How to motivate without the cheque book
  11. Plan how to knock your team’s socks off with motivational and worthwhile appraisals


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