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Effective Communication
to create the right impact

Course Aims

To provide managers with the essential skills and confidence to communicate effectively in their every day working lives. Developing skills so that the participants can effectively communicate at all levels is essential in building healthy relationships in business at all levels as well as their high performing teams. It’s not just about getting your own message across it’s about understanding others and choosing the best methods of communication which enable other people to respond positively.

Programme Objectives

By the end of this course the participants will be able to:



What makes a successful communicator?
Traits of effective communication
Talking v listening v understanding (their impact)
Different behavioural and communication styles
Skills and techniques
Communicating at different levels in the business

How does your organisation communicate?
What works and what doesn’t work
Positive v the negative communication
Key areas for you and your team to develop
Culture, values and behaviours
Assertive v passive v aggressive

Communication styles
What are your natural styles – profiling
Styles of others
The impact different styles have
You adjusting your style to aid others

Engaging communication
Getting on peoples levels
Telling v asking
Listening v talking
Being judgemental
Body language
Your emails

Communication in a high performance culture
What’s missing
Creating the right high impact
Key secrets to keep that high performance culture
Develop confidence in communicating at all levels
Providing effective feedback
Choosing the right method of communication and language

Dealing with conflict
Why and how conflict occurs
Difficult people?
Being in control

Persuading, influencing, negotiating
Key skills
Effective styles
Assertive communication

Course Review and Action Planning
The way ahead
Transferring learning to the work place
Course follow up


Programme Methodology

This course will be highly interactive to enable the participants to put in to practice the key skills that are being taught. The participants will carry out-group and individual exercises in; presentations, behaviour styles, body language, questioning, feedback, influencing, assertiveness. Above all, this course will enable the participants to realise the impact their communication and behaviour has on others in the working environment.



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