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Consultative Negotiation Skills

Course Aims

The aim of the course is to provide participants with the skills and confidence to negotiate successful outcomes in their dealings with external organisations and clients, so they can build long lasting effective working relationships.
The programme will look at the whole of the negotiation progress to help the participants deal effectively with all of their contacts to benefit their organisation.
Time will be specifically spent using the right negotiation strategy depending on who they are dealing with. This will enable the participants to understand what the other party looking for and how best to construct their own negotiations.
The participants will further develop the skills in facilitating and driving the negotiation process to gain desired outcomes. The style of negotiation will be that of building an effective working relationship to satisfy all parties concerned.

Course Objectives

By the end of this training programme you will be able to:



What is negotiation / influencing/ persuading?
How good are you?
What is your natural negotiating style?
In context with your working environment and external organisations.
Knowing who are dealing with well enough to choose the right approach.
Satisfying your needs profitably and effectively – when needed.
Aiming for the ideal win –win situation
Best alternative to a negotiated agreement or BATNA
Identifying the key competencies of a successful negotiator/ influencer.
Four stages of successful negotiation. And structuring your negotiation
Building relationships, trust and credibility
Asking brilliant questions to establish valuable information
The power of effective body language and Assertive communication.
Persuading and influencing tactics.
Pull and push styles of persuading and influencing
Providing best value business solutions
Differentiating the difference between, cost, value and expense
Negotiation tactics.
Intimidating tactics used by others.
Handling resistance and dead lock.
Coming to an agreement.
Course review and action plans.


This course will provide the participants with the skills and confidence to effectively use consultative and supply negotiation techniques in their every day work with their clients and external organisations. Time will specifically be spent looking at individual styles and the effective use of persuading and influencing skills to reach agreement and building long lasting business relationships. The course then looks at enhancing natural ability and complementing this with new skills and knowledge in carrying out the negotiation process successfully. The four stage negotiation process is simple and effective so organisations are keen to deal with you and not feel manipulated

The Course Methodology

The course will be very interactive to ensure the participants can practice some of the techniques discussed and formulate their strategies for future negotiations. Questionnaires, case studies and role-play are all used so participants can experience and demonstrate new techniques.


Presented by David Yeabsley.