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Commercial and entrepreneurial awareness
- developing leaders

“It is tough out there but creative managers need to be one step ahead of the game”

Entrepreneurial thinking isn’t a once a month activity at a manager’s meeting but it is an ongoing mind set and a way of thinking. Inspire

The aim of the course is to give managers a clear understanding of their role in in developing their own commercial awareness and in helping their team members to improve their understanding of the impact they have on the business in terms of financial and commercial activities. Managers will have the opportunity to assess their own impact when looking at entrepreneurial skills and contributing to new ideas rather than just participating and surviving.

By the end of this training programme you will be able to:

• Build self-awareness on how you impact on your
   commercial awareness and thinking

• Identify disaster companies vs. successful companies
   that demonstrate an entrepreneurial spirit

• Develop a successful and entrepreneurial environment in their part of the business

• Look at how to generate ideas and manage change effectively

• Encourage others to think differently and develop a resilient approach to entrepreneurial thinking

This course will provide managers with new ways of thinking by developing their people management skills into business leader skills.