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Developing Team Effectiveness
One Day Programme

The Purpose of this programme is for your team to share its strengths and weaknesses and focus on the group's successes. Plus how the team can continue to contribute effectively towards the success of your company.

Course Aims
To provide all of the participants with ways of working which promotes effective team work and working towards common goals. What does it take to be an effective team member and how best to participate in a highly effective team. To help people understand their own motivating values and those of others and the contribution we all make to achieve the end goal. To help team members to work across teams and departments and the business to promote wellbeing and effectiveness.

A very interactive and fun programme to challenge the teams togetherness and awareness of what is needed to become a highly effective team that all the participants will enjoy working in and respect each other differences and views. The use of team exercises will be used for each session to bring to life the key learning points.


What do we really know about each other – quick fire team exercise to generate conversation and to find out what we didn’t know about each other and building unexpected links with each other.

SDI – sharing personal profiling SDI to look at how we communicate under different working situations.

Brand Team - what are our strengths as a team compared to other companies in our sector and how do we shape up.

Our Role in the company – Dealing with our customers, an exercise to explore the impact we all have on the organisation.

Team Analysis – what we are good at and what needs to be developed. This session will help the team to step back and reflect on how they work and acknowledge the team’s success.

Moving Forward – what can we improve and develop to be an effective team and make a positive impact within the organisation.

What do we look like? What makes an effective team and an effective team member?
Understanding all of our motivating values.

Taking Control – what can the team control and influence to make the future challenges easier to deal with?

Managing our own Self-Development for the future
Whose responsibility is it and how much time we dedicate to our development?

A Highly Effective Team in Action- Team development exercise to demonstrate how to work together to improve effectiveness and results.

Developing Creative ideas and listening to each other – A creative, competitive and interactive team exercise to focus on sharing and listening.

If our Team was a Consultancy? A fictitious team exercise on how the team would promote and sell themselves when trying to win a major contract in front of a board of directors.

What is next?  - How do we continue to move forward and move from a good team to a great team?


Presented by David Yeabsley