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Advanced Animating your Audiences

Course Aims


The aim of this highly interactive one-day or two-day course is to provide the participants with the advanced skills and the confidence to effectively deliver creative and high impacting business presentations. To deliver focused presentations which do more than just inform or entertain people but make a real impact on the audience to make decisions and give commitment to the presentation content. This course will provide the participants with technical aspects of communication to influence and motivate their audiences to act after their presentations have been completed.
Each Participant will be given the opportunity to present twice and get video feedback.

Course Objectives

By the end of this training programme you will be able to:



Presentation Skills Course

In preparation for the above course you would need to prepare a 10-15 minute business presentation that you might deliver on a regular basis or a presentation you have delivered recently.
Please feel free to prepare a power point presentation or any other method of delivery. If you have one please bring your lap top with you and memory stick. Individual feedback will be given on each presentation.