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Will it help us sell more?

Sail a Boat

Will it help the boat go faster?
Will it help the car go faster?
Will it help the bike go faster?
Will it help me run faster?
Will it help me swim faster?

The sporting world is littered with this very simple concept.

Will all the activities that the team or sports person get involved help them improve performance and make them go faster and achieve their end goals?

Yes or No? (It’s as simple as that)

If yes, prioritise it against other activities and focus on the ones which have the biggest impact
If No, why are we doing it? What benefit does it have? (Disregard it)
So how can we apply this simple concept to our working environment?

Will it help us sell more?
Will it help the customer to say yes more?
Will it improve quality?
Will it make our work more fun?
Will it help us make more money?
Will it help us improve client satisfaction?
Will it help us reach our vision or goal?

Yes or No

Whatever our purpose in business sometimes the simple activities are the most effective ones
Spend a day really thinking ‘Is what I am doing going to make a difference?’
Am I being efficient or effective?
(If you don’t have time to do this because you’re doing a report that has no value, I rest my case)

There is nothing worse in business than spending lots of time and being efficient on tasks that don’t make a difference.
As a young salesperson for a courier company it was drummed into me that
If I wasn’t in front of a customer or talking on the phone to customer I wasn’t working.

They stripped out unnecessary reports and activities and reduced our sales patches to reduce time in the car.
This led to the courier vans reducing mileage because we concentrated on businesses closer to our depot.

Keep it simple and effective.
Enjoy your day

This session can seriously improve sales results, it will help you to spend time on the things that make a difference, get more done in less time and help you sell more and enable your customers to say ‘yes’more often. You will become more effective rather than just efficient. Procrastination will be a thing of the past.


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