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The Client Gallery!

Facilitating Great Ideas
Presenting at Lloyds of London
The great ‘Will it Help Us Sell More Challenge’
The Marshmallow Challenge in full flow
Presenting with Purpose
Great to leave everyone feeling happy

Debut at Oxford University

Can you spot me?

You're having a laugh

Hurray, it's time for dinner!

Some interesting artwork here

Some interesting artwork here

Some interesting artwork here

Anything is possible!

Creating a smile in the banking world

A top team working together

Communicating by body language only!!

After a successful presentation course

Being rewarded for their fine contribution

Which Way Is Home?

I hope they more interested in the creative companies than the insurance !!

A top team of hoteliers’

The team proud of their artwork behind them !!

Working with my friends in Qatar

Working with the Kaplin Training Team in France

Making money for the people at The Entertainer

Leadership Programme in India

Working as a team in Croydon

Top sales team in the boardroom